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Well, again apologies for not keeping as up to date with the web-site as we would like, we do keep up on Face Book but as Sally and Rob (shop) keep telling us alot of people can hardly beat a computer into submission, let alone use Face Book.

We have been very, very busy.  Dogs that had varying problems, that made them harder to re-home have happily found dedicated owners who are willing to work with them.  These dogs make ours and the kennel owners hard work really satisfactory.  Is nice to find a good home for a fluffy pretty puppy but it is very rewarding to find a love match for a grumpy/one eyed/three legged/ugly dog with a flatulence and attitude problem.  Fortunately, we don;t often get all these problems in a single dog....................yet.  Sometimes things don't go 100%, we have a dog whose kennel name is One Eyed Wally, this I think explains his problem.  He was in a lovely home for several months and all was well when he suddenly started displaying symtoms of 'fly catching syndrome' believed to be a form of epilepsy, as his best friend was a young child and there were other dogs in the household his owners felt they couldn't take the risk to the child, they made the heart breaking decision that he should come back to us.  They were so sad and we had several visits and chats to see if there could be a solution but we would never put a child at risk as, ofcourse, they wouldn't want to have a worry about their child  and other pets.  So he is back with us.  As with alot of out rescue dogs we don't have alot of accurate information.  Wally is a black one eyed lurcher who had spent a long time with people we know condone 'lamping', badger baiting and other testosterone based "sports" and take money off people to look after pets in appaling conditions.  We don't know how Wallys eye was lost or if it was cared for properly.  So Wally was on medication but he is no longer taking it and has had no more 'fits.'  So now we are caring for him in the kennels and trying hard to find an owner who is suited to his needs.  This is just one story of one dog but at one time in winter we had about 15 dogs in, a couple of puppies have come in and their paws haven't touched the ground before we re-homed them, others have been in for a while.  We have four dogs in who have been with us for several months on medical treatments, lovely dogs who will eventually find good homes but the £120 donation (if given) won't touch the side of the vets and kennels bills

This all makes what we do sound arduous but it isn't.  The supporters of the charity also have alot of fun together and with the animals.  We had a really nice time with our local Brownie pack.  We took 4 dogs that have been rescued, a Saluki, a Poodle, a long haired Chihuahua and a very small (1k.g.) Yorkie and ofcourse our big furry mascot WALKER the dog.  Both the dogs and the Brownies had a whale of a time.  We are going to do more with the Brownies, if Brown Owls nerves are up to it, this is the age group we need to start being aware of the responsibilities of good pet ownership.       

We would like to say a massive congratulations to the boarding kennels that we are using and that are helping us with our rescue dogs for being awarded by Pembrokeshire council as the BEST kennels in 2013 after the councils official inspections. CLWB KENNELS at Cym Cych (tel:01239 698650) are superb kennels that we highly recommend as boarding kennels, the owners care about the animals, who are well treated and very clean, they are fed high quality food. The dogs have alot of exercise and socialising. In the summer suitable dogs even) go paddling in the stream that runs along the bottom of the fields.   WELL DESERVED!!!!

Thank you to all our customers that have been knitting away making some lovely coats for the dogs this winter we will be holding a fashion show soon with all of our dogs flashing off their new coats. We will be posting pictures of the dogs in their flash new coats aswell so all our customers can see the dogs and our very generous knitters can see all of their hard work on the very happy and warm dogs. We would like to appologise for the delay in pictures of the dogs in their coats.  We really are getting around to this


We lost our 16 year old Golden retriever. We rescued Jenny when she was 12 weeks old. There were several of her litter siblings living in town and now there are only George and Rosie. She was such a bubbly little dog who loved going down to Ceibwr beach in Moylgrove. She used to dive into the river and dick out the biggest stones she could find and leave them on the beach. She also had a small teddy that was her little baby. She chewed every toy she ever had up apart from this. She has now gone to join Mickey. R.I.P Jenny, you were such a big part of our lives and we will miss you so much.

Sadly we lost one of our dogs last week. He was getting to be an old boy. The vets told us we would of lost him around 6 months ago but he came fighting back. He was fighting as hard as he could to beat his heart murmur but unfortunatly he lost his battle and past away. His final few years were as good as they could be for our little fighter. His Saluki girlfriend is rather upset and is feeling a bit lost. What made Mikki so special was that he was a golden chihuahua and on the tip of his nose he had a little heart. He was also the best guard dog we have ever had yapping at everybody that walked through the door. R.I.P Mikki, you will be sadly missed. Thank you for everything you have taught us.

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